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Stock Alert | Manpasand beverages extends fall to 3rd session, Mutual Fund Losses 228 crores

In the stock of Fruit Juice Maker Company Manufactures Beverages, on the third day, on the third day, a lower circuit was held. In the three days, the share of favorite beverage was down by 50 per cent. Due to the fall in the company's shares, the top three mutual funds have suffered a loss of about Rs 228 crore. The biggest downfall of this weakness was the loss of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company.

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Free Stock Tips
Lower circuit taken for the third consecutive day
On Wednesday, shares in the preferred beverage was also lower circuit. On the BSE, the company's stock fell 10 percent to Rs 248.30, which is a new low level of 52 weeks. On Monday and Tuesday, the company's shares had a lower circuit of 20 per cent. In three days the stock has lost 50%.

Why is the fall in shares? 
In fact, the company's auditor Deloitte Haskins and Sells has resigned. The auditor resigned while referring to the company not providing enough information. Due to this, the company had to avoid the outcome which was due on May 30. At the same time, the company has made a new auditor to M / s Mehra Goyal and Company from May 27.

Top 3 Mutual Funds Injured
According to the shareholding pattern of March 2018, mutual fund holding held 11.60% ie 1.32 crore shares in mutual benefits. Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund has 62,81,259 shares of Managedand Beverages, which has fallen from Rs 270.72 crores to Rs 155.96 crores. The biggest damage to Motilal Oswal AMC was Rs 114.75 crore.

SBI MAGNUM MULTIPLIER FUND suffered a loss of Rs 92.10 crore due to the fall in customs benefits. The mutual fund has 50,41,156 shares of the choice. At the same time, the ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund has lost a total of Rs 21.81 crore. ICICI Prudential has 11,93,926 shares of this company. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Advice on investors of next 36 companies to be cautious, only 20% of IPO Hits | Share Market Tips

Advice on investors of next 36 companies to be cautious, only 20% of IPO Hits

Where there was a better year for initial public offers (IPO). That year 2018 has been dull till now. So far, 15 companies have got IPOs in 2018, with only 20 per cent listing better. These companies have come out with investors  ' expectations. The market is unlikely to get much returns in 2018 compared to last year. Despite this, in the next few months, 36 companies are coming up with an IPO, which aims to raise Rs 35,000 crore from the market. Market experts say that there is no big trigger in the market right now. In such cases, the companies whose valuation will be better, they will get good response. While companies with weak valuation will not be able to take advantage of it. In such a scenario, investors will be advised to look at the valuation.

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Free Stock Tips

These are IPO hits
The hit IPOs include Bond Bank, HEG Infra and Amber Enterprises. Bond Bank has raised 29.10 per cent from issue price, HEG Infra Engineering 22.18 per cent and Amber Enterprises has increased by 26.54 per cent.

These companies are allowed to get SEBI permit in the
next few months, three dozen companies are bringing their IPO. There are 6 government companies in the companies that bring IPO, including Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency, Rail Vikas Corporation, IRCON International, RITES, Garden Rich Shipbuilders and Engineering and Mazgaon Doc. Barbecue Nation Hospitality, TCNS Clothinck Company, View Technologies and Devi Seafoods are among the 12 companies that have got permission to launch an IPO from Sebi. Apart from this, there are 24 companies in which Root Mobile, Credits Rural, SampCorp Energy India, Flamingo Travel Retail and Lodha Developers are awaiting SEBI approval.

The reason is to bring an IPO
According to Munish Agarwal, director capital market, Equus Capital, according to the fund raising from the primary market in 2017, after the collection of funds from the IPO, it will be seen. Due to poor condition in the banking industry, companies will support the IPO to strengthen credit availability.

Valuable companies will get response
market expert Sachin Sarvade says that the share market sentiments have changed and the mood of the market has worsened in rising crude prices. Like last year, there is no hope of getting such a return in the market this year. The companies whose IPOs have come in this year have got good response to the valuation IPOs. The remaining listings are sluggish or listed at discount prices. Due to this, investors will be advised by seeing the performance of the company bringing the IPO.

15 companies list so far in 2018
So far this year, 15 companies have been in the listing market. Three of these companies have been bumper listings. These include Apollo Micro Systems, Amber Enterprises and Bandhan Bank. Whereas, there was a slack listing of 5 companies. There were 6 companies at the discount price list. Listed on Hg Infra Engineering Issue Price

Listing (in percent)
Apollo Micro Systems
Amber Enterprises
Bond bank
Lemon Tree Hotels
Indostar Capital Finance
Syndication technologies
Newgen software
Galaxy Surfactants
Cara construction
ICICI Securities
India dynamics
Hindustan Aeronautics
Ester dm healthcare

About half of the companies listed in this year are trading below their issue price. Among them, ICICI Securities (-26.92%), Apollo Micro Systems (-27.75%), Hindustan Aeronautics (-15.64%), India Dynamics (-10.51%), Galex Surfactants (-6.65%), Esther DM Healthcare (-4.74%) , Cara construction (-1.16%) are included.

What to do, Investor
Sachin says that investors should invest in IPO companies whose valuation is good. The IPO with expensive valuation does not mean that its listing will also be good.

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In Q4 these companies can raise the profits up to 9x, give auxiliary shares up to 111% | Free Stock Tips

In Q4 these companies can raise the profits up to 9x, give auxiliary shares up to 111% 

Earning season for the fourth quarter of FY18 has resulted in the results of most big companies. According to the results of the so far, the Earning Season is not as strong as expected. However experts believe that overall earnings growth will be in double digits. Combined sales are also expected to be better than the previous quarter. He says that corporate earnings has not given much benefit to the market, but during this period some profits of companies have increased from 50% to 900%. Fundamental of some of these companies are better, which can lead to better returns. 

Free Stock Tips
Free Stock Tips

The result is mixed
The double-digit growth is expected to be the kind of trends seen in this earning season. Experts say that there is a good growth in NBFCs, while the results of some private banks have been correct. The impact of bad loan on the results of PSU banks is clearly visible. The combined performance of PSU banks is poor. The results of this quarter are indicative that further turnaround can be telecom in the telecom. The results of IT companies are mixed, but the results indicate signs of turnaround in the sector. Auto and FMCG companies are looking for better growth. The results of pharma companies have also been weak as expected. 

In these companies, companies like 
South Indian Bank, Titan, Delta Corp, Godrej Properties, Indiabulls Real Estate, Jubilant Foodworks, Havells India, Ren Industries, Varun Beverages and Ujjivin Finance have seen profits from 52% to 913% in this earning season. is shown. At the same time, RIL, TCS, HDFC, Yesbank, Kotak Bank have also given good results. On the other hand, the results of SBI, PNB, Axis Bank, Idea, Airtel have been poor and the results of Maruti Suzuki and Infosys are mixed. 

Which stocks will get good returns
South Indian Bank
South Indian Bank has achieved profits of 114 crores in the fourth quarter. Which is 52 percent more than the 75.54 million in the same period a year ago. The new rule relating to asset reconstruction of the RBI has been higher than the slippage of the bank. Right now, the credit growth of the bank is better. A good commentary has also come from the management side. Further operating performance is expected to be strong. Brokerage house Prabhudas Liladhar has given a target of 40 rupees for the share. For the current 25-rupee share price, it can get 60% returns in the stock.

Godrej Properties
has reported a profit of Rs 141.5 crore in the fourth quarter. It is 126% more than the 62.59 million rupees in the same period a year ago. Brokerage house JM Financial has set a target of Rs 880 for the stock. For current price of Rs 763, the stock can get 15% return. 

Jubilant Food Works
Jubilant Foodworks has earned a profit of Rs 68.07 crores in the fourth quarter. It is 914% more than the corresponding period of the year 6.71 crore rupees. Brokerage house HDFC Securities has set a target of Rs 2846 for the stock. For the current price of Rs 2514, the stock can get 13% return. 

Titan Company
has earned a profit of Rs. 304 crores in the fourth quarter. It is 71 percent more than the year-ago period of 178 million rupees a year ago. Titan Company Limited is the Indian Luxury Goods Company. It is a joint venture of the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. The company is in the business of watch, jewelery and eye wear. Brokerage house Prabhudas Leeladhar has set a target of Rs 1114 for the stock. For the current price of 914 rupees, the share can get 22 per cent returns. 

Varun Beverages
has earned a profit of Rs 19.7 crore in the fourth quarter. The company's profit in the same period a year ago was 6.9 million rupees. That is, the company's profits have increased by 185%. Brokerage house ICICI Direct has set a target of Rs 840 for the stock. For the current price of Rs 694, the share can get returns of 21 per cent. 

Rain Industries
Rains Industries Ltd's profit has increased 311 percent in the March quarter. During this period, the company's profit has increased from Rs 64.68 crore to Rs 265.71 crore. The company is the world leading company of Calcianide Petroleum Coke, Coal Tar and Specialty Chemical. The company imposes in Capacity Expansion mode. The company's focus is on carbon, chemical and cement business. The company's stomach coke business is strong, while there is a turnaround position in the chemical business. Brokerage house Motilal Oswal has given the target of Rs 480. For the current price of 227 rupees, you can get 111 percent returns. 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Consolidated themed stocks, the given theme can give good returns | Share Market Tips

Consolidated themed stocks, the given theme can give good returns

On the fifth day of the day from the day of Karnataka results, the domestic market remained closed for the fifth consecutive day. Meanwhile, the Sensex has lost 232 points and the Nifty has lost 80 points. Rupee fall and crude prices are on the rise. At the same time, Moody's downgraded the PNB rating. Experts say that there will be pressure in the market at the domestic level. Global market sentiments have also worsened. They say that in a market with uncertainty, it is better to invest in the conceptual themed stocks. There are elections in some states in the coming days, while the general election is in 2019. In such a situation, the government's focus will be in the rural sector. This may lead to good returns in Consolidated themed stocks in the coming days.

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Free Stock Tips

Market sentiment weakens
Experts say that market sentiment is weak at both domestic and external levels. The decline in crude and rupee depreciation also has negative effect. At the same time, geopolitical tension is still there. Vinod Nair, Research Head of Geojit Financial Services says that the quarter results have weakened the sentiment of investors due to weakening of expectations. At the same time, due to the high valuation, the weakness in the midcap and the smallcap index is showing. On the other hand foreign investors continue to get out of the market. Experts also say that there will be pressure on the market for a few more days. 

Consumption based stocks can be SAFE
experts say that in the coming days elections in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will be held. After which there is a general election of 2019. In such a situation, the government's focus will be on the rural sector. According to the brokerage house CLSA, the government can bring some welfare programs to take advantage of the rural area, measures can be taken to increase the income of the farmers. Some announcements can be made for farmers' loan forgiveness. In such a situation, the Consumption Sector can get good benefits. 

According to Recovery Brokerage House in Rural Consumption, the results of the March quarter are clear that consolidation in the urban areas is strong. There is good recovery in the composition in rural areas. Knowing that the consolidation will further strengthen the rural areas. Monsoon is expected to be better. The government can increase the spread by keeping the rural sector in mind. This will improve the rural economy. 

Angel Broking's Assistant Vice President-Research (Midcap) Amarjeet Maurya says that when there is a period of ups and downs in the market, in such a situation, the combination may be the right choice for investment. They say that some of the fundamentals of stocks are good, earnings are visible in them. At the same time, the government is giving boost to many sectors by strengthening the rural economy. It can get good returns in composition based shares. 

What stocks invest in
Marico Limited is one of the Leading Consumer Product Companies in the country. The Company is in Beauty & Wellness Product Business. The company has business in nearly 25 countries. The company has a popular product in Hair Care, Skin Care, Edible Oil, Health Foods, Mel Grooming and Fabric Care. Good growth in the company's domestic business. Brokerage house HDFC Securities has given a target of Rs 376 for the share. Current price is 309 rupees.

Shriram Transport Finance Corporation
Shriram Transport Finance Corporation is involved in Leading Companies in Commercial Vehicle Finance. The company has a network of 1121 branches and 930 Rural Centers. The company lends to small truck owners. The company's growth momentum is strong. The company is getting the benefit of a different business model. The company will benefit from increasing the rural demand. Brokerage house Eulavice has set a target of Rs. 1985 for the share price. Current price is Rs. 1408. 

Emami is a FMCG company, which is in antiseptic cream, fairness cream, talc powder, pen reliever and cooling oil business. Many of the company's products are popular in urban and rural areas. The company's growth has been better in the last 5 financials. The company has more than 7.4 lakh retail outlets. The company's domestic business is strong. Most domestic sales are on cash basis. Brokerage house, Cholamandalam Securities has set a target of Rs 1341 for the stock. The current rate of share is Rs 1019. 

Howells India
Havells India Limited is a fast moving electrical goods company. The company has better product reduction in home and kitchen appliance. The company manufactures fan, LED light, domestic cable, modular switch, wiring product, room heater, press, capacitor, induction motor. Apart from this, the company's AC is also in the market. The company's presentation is also in the global market with Domestic Market. Brokerage house HDFC Securities has set a target of Rs 656 for the stock. The current rate of share is Rs 523. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Top intra-day tips for Monday business, these stocks can get good returns

Top intra-day tips for Monday business, these stocks can get good returns

For Monday's business, market experts have bought MFSL, while ICICI Bank has advised to sell. Experts believe that during these intra-day, these stocks can get a good return. You can earn from trading based on the strategy given below.

Free Intraday Tips
Free Intraday Tips

MFSL (Buy)
Stop Loss - 477
Target - 505-513

ICICI Bank (Sell)
Stop Loss - 291
Target - 278-272

The data of this blog has taken from by this link Top intra-day tips for Monday business, these stocks can get good returns

Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 thousand investment in 5 years, 1.80 lakh, further 60% growth estimates | Share Market tips

10 thousand investment in 5 years, 1.80 lakh, further 60% growth estimates

It is very important to invest in the future. You should always look for alternatives to invest where your money is doubled or tripled in a short time. Many invest in bank savings accounts, fds, post offices or other such schemes. It takes 8 or 9 years to double your investment here. Many people also wait for 8 to 9 years for their investment. At the same time, many people wait for more time by investing.

share market tips
Share Market Tips
But imagine that if your investment grows up to 18 times in less time then how much bigger it will be for you. Actually this has happened too. In just 5 years, the investors have become Rs. 10 thousand rupees. 1.80. That is, such investors have become Lakhpati in just 5 years, who have waited 5 years after making their investments. Their money has been nearly 18 times in 5 years. Not only that, brokerage houses are anticipating an even higher 60% return.

Rico Auto Industries
- Rico Auto Industries manufactures auto parts and equipments. The stock has made investors lacquer.
- On August 2013, the price of one share of Rico Auto was 4.44 rupees, which rose to Rs 81.75 on 8th May, 2018, on 8th May, 2018.
- In 5 years, we got around 1740 percent returns.
- That is, the investors who invested Rs 10 thousand in this company in 2013. Their investments increased to 1.80 lakh rupees now.
Read more - Who are the clients of the company

These are its clients
Among its clients, the country's largest car maker is Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, BMW, Renault, Hero MotoCorp and Cummins. In the last two fiscal, Rico Auto has diversified itself into the automobile industry segment. Passenger's stake in the Overall Revenue is 55 percent.

Net profit up 31.54% in third quarter
In the third quarter of fiscal year 2018, the company's consolidated net profit jumped 31.54 percent to Rs 13.22 crore. Net profit of the company was 10.05 crores in the same quarter last year. Sales up up 26 percent to Rs 303.38 crore
Read more, what percentage growth is estimated

60% growth estimates
 Brokerage house Edelweiss has estimated 60 percent growth in Rico Auto's current market price. According to the broking firm, the company's annual order book is more than 500 crores and has bid for orders of more than 700 crores. This shows that the company's growth is healthy. Brokerage House has given a target of 125 rupees in stock. That is, investors have a chance to get 60% return in stocks now.

The data of this blog has taken from by this link 10 thousand investment in 5 years, 1.80lakh, further 60% growth estimates

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gold ETFs invested 54 million, rising investing in Equity MF | Equity Tips

Gold ETFs invested 54 million, rising investing in Equity MF

Investors are exiting from gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) and investing their money in equity mutual funds. According to the figures released in April, investors have cleared 54 crores purely from Gold ETF. In March, investors had collected 62 crores from Gold ETF. In April, new investment of Rs 12400 crores has come in equity mutual funds.

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What is the investment outcome?
Association of Mutual Fund in India (Amfi) releases data of every category of mutual funds every month. According to this data, Asset Under Management (Gold) of Gold Exchange Traded Fund (AUM) was Rs 4802 crores in April, while in March it was 4806 crores.

Decrease investment by 5 years
For the last 5 years, continuous investment is coming out from the Gold Exchange Traded Fund. However, in 2012-13, the net investment of Rs 1414 crore came in these funds.

Turned out
835 crores
775 crores
903 crores
1,475 crores
2,293 crores

Now the range has been bound Gold Rate
Gold prices rose sharply between 2005 and 2011-12, but since then, they are running between $ 1,100-1,400 per ounce. While the price of gold is range bound, equity has performed well during this period. Because of this, gold ETF investors are going towards equity. This is the reason that money has been getting from the Gold ETF for the last 5 years.

 Indians like to keep gold at home
According to Kasturbu Belapurkar, Director of Morning Star Research, according to tradition in India people like buying gold and buying it at home, not buying it online. However, keeping gold online is better. According to him, most investors hold 5-10 gold in their portfolio.

Increased investment in equity
On the other hand, investment in equity mutual funds has increased. A new investment of Rs 12,400 crore was received in equity schemes in April. In addition, about Rs 1.16 lakh crore investment was invested in the debt mutual funds scheme. Due to this investment, the total asset under management (AUM) of all 42 mutual fund companies has increased to Rs 23.25 lakh crore. This was at 21.36 lakh crores at the end of March.

This Data has taken from Money bhasker by This Link Gold ETFs invested 54 million, rising investing in Equity MF

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The strong demand will remain in the metal, these shares will get up to 33%

From the trade war launched by the US, the supply of metal prices has been continuously supported by the lack of supply in the global market. Over the last few months, due to supply concerns, strikes in the copper mine, automobile, electric vehicle and the demand for batteries have also led to a rise in metal prices. Domestic metal companies are getting the advantage of this fast. Experts say that the metal is expected to continue this fast for the next 3 to 4 months. Can be invested in those stocks which are also cheap in this speed. Advice to stay away from expensive stocks Hindustan Zinc, Vedanta, Nalco and Coal India can get good returns ...

Best Stock Advisory
Best Stock Advisory
In the past one year , up till 116%, the stock of the  last one year, the Nifty Metal Index has gained 27% and the stock has increased up to 116%. During this period, Jindal Steel was up 116 per cent, Wellsport Corporation Limited 63 per cent, JSW Steel 66 per cent, APL Apollo Tube Ltd 43 per cent, Tata Steel 37 per cent. On the other hand, shares of Hindalco, SAIL, Nalco, Hindustan Zinc, Vedanta, Hindustan Copper and MOIL have risen from 11% to 29%. 

 Ajay Kedia, director of the Board of Directors Ajay Kedia, said that the speed  at which the US started the trade war on metal, has reduced the supply of aluminum and nickel in particular in the global market. At the same time, there were strikes in some copper mines in the past, which led to increased demand in the market. On the other hand, demand for lead and aluminum prices has increased due to rising demand for automobile, electric vehicles and battery, such as rising industrial demand. They say that except for zinc, almost all metal prices are fast. It is expected to last even for at least 3 months. 

Domestic demand will increase 
Metal prices are at the top of the last several years. At the same level, both the domestic and international levels are looking at the sector's outlook. Better data is coming in the US and Europe. At the same time, China and India are also engaged in boosting the economy, which will increase the demand. Sandeep Jain, the research head of Trade Swift, says the government's focus at the domestic level is on Infra and Housing. Automobile sector numbers are coming up well. Demand of the metal from all these sectors will be fast. Metz's composition will also increase in India in coming days.

What stocks invest in ..... 
Hindustan Zinc 
Hindustan Zinc is the world's second largest zinc producer company. The company is in the plan to expand its Mines Metal Capacity. The advantage of growing the capacitance will look forward. The company has strong reserves. The company's growth is good and has shown good results in the fourth quarter. Brokerage house idelvis has paid Rs. 395 for shares and brokerage house ICICI Direct has set a target of Rs. 350 for the stock. For the current price of 296 rupees, the share can get 33 per cent return. 

Hindalco is the world's largest aluminum rolling company. At the same time, the production of primary aluminum is included in the big companies of Asia. Experts say that Hindalco will get the benefit of aluminum prices. Ajay Kedia has given a target of Rs. 290 for the stock. For current price of 240 rupees, the share can get 21 percent returns 

Ajay Kedia has advised to invest in National Aluminum Set a target of 100 rupees for the stock. For the current price of 76 rupees, it can get 32 ​​percent returns. NALCO is the second largest aluminum company. The company's growth is better. The growth of the company has been more than 27 per cent. The company will get the benefit of aluminum demand and price increases. 

Coal India
Coal India's Dispatch Growth Strength At the same time, production has increased by 6% on an annual basis. The company has had the advantage of growing domestic demand. The company hopes that further demand will further accelerate. The company will also benefit from the demand for electricity. In the stock of Coal India, brokerage house JM Financial has advised investment with a target of 350 rupees. For the current price of Rs 268, the share can get 31% returns. 

This SHARE MARKET UPDATES has taken from through this link:- The strong demand will remain in the metal, these shares will get up to 33%

Friday, May 11, 2018

Boost getting FMCG Sector from Rural Demand, 40% in these Stocks | Share Market Tips

Boost getting FMCG Sector from Rural Demand, 40% in these Stocks

The growth in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in the financial year 2018-19 can be 11 to 12 percent. According to a report by rating agency Crisil, increasing demand in the rural area will increase the top line growth of FMCG sector by 3-4%. The size of this sector in the country is about Rs 3.4 lakh crore. Market experts say the rise in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and the good monsoon will increase the purchasing power in the rural sector, thereby increasing the profits of the companies. In such a situation, FMCG stocks can get better returns ahead.

Share Market tips
Share Market Tips

8% growth in FY18 
According to the report, growth in FMCG's revenues was almost 8 percent in 2018, while in FY19 it could be 11 to 12 percent. The biggest reason for this is the increase in demand in the rural sector. Apart from this, companies are also launching new products. This will increase the operating profit of companies, which will improve their credit profile. 

FMCG Sector to get Factors Support
The advantage of increasing MSP
Sandeep Jain, Director of Trade Swift Broking, says that the government has increased the Minimum Support Pricing (MSP) for the production of agriculture. This will increase the income of the villagers. Consumption will increase due to increase in income, which will be benefited by FMCG companies.

Sahara will get good monsoon
The monsoon department has estimated this year's normal monsoon in the country. Market Expert According to Sachin Sarvadee, due to good monsoon, the rise will increase. The income of the villagers will increase with good yield. On the other hand, opportunities for non-agriculture employment have also increased. This has increased the disposable income of the villagers, which will increase the demand.

Trying to woo new product launches
Continuous new products are being released continuously by the companies. These include products of ayurvedic and herbal products. Demand from this is also expected to increase. Rural market companies hold about 40 to 45 percent of the sales. In such a situation, the increase in demand in rural areas will increase the total income of companies from 15 to 16 per cent in 2019. In 2018, it had registered a growth of 10 percent. According to Crisil, this growth was around 5 per cent in 2016 and 2017. 

What Stocks Invest In

Target: 1341
 Brokerage House, Cholamandalam Securities has advised investment in the Emami with a target of 1341. According to the broking firm, the company is focusing on new launches. The company has a strong hold in the rural areas. It is expected to get the benefit of any increase in income in the rural areas in the coming time. The company will also benefit from better monsoon. However, the profit of the company fell 28 per cent to Rs 60 crore in the fourth quarter. But revenue growth was 12.3 percent. Current price can get returns up to 32% in the stock.

Target- 380
Expert Sandeep Jain has advised investment in FMCG Sector Company Marico Limited. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, the consolidated net profit of the company increased by 7.19 percent to Rs 183.2 crore. Last year, the company's net profit was Rs 170.91 crore in the same quarter. In current fiscal, the company is expected to revive in the rural market. Jain says that the government is hopeful of raising rural demand in the mid-term due to the emphasis on rural development and increase in the minimum support price of the crop. Expert has given a target of 380 rupees in stock. The current price can get returns of up to 21%.

Read more - What stocks invest in

Target- 6600
Market expert Sachin Sarvade has advised to invest in FMCG sector company Britannia Industries. According to him, Britannia has a consistently healthy performance. The company is expanding in distribution, increasing investment in R & D. In addition to biscuits, the company is going to launch new products in the financial year 2019. The company will also get the benefit of this. Sachin has advised to invest in the stock with a target of 6600 rupees. With a current price, it can get 22% return.

Target- 390
Expert Sandeep Jain, an expert in FMCG Sector ITC, has advised investment with a target of Rs. 390. Apart from cigarettes, the company has increased its business in Biscuit, Flour, Noodles and Personal Care and Lifestyle section. The fourth quarter results will be released on May 16. Current price can get a return of 38% in the stock.

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Top intra-day tips for trading on Wednesday | Free Intraday Tips

Top intra-day tips for trading on Wednesday

For Wednesday's trading, market experts have advised shopping in Hexaware, SRF, Tata Alexey, Ashok Leyland, DCB Bank, Ujjivin Financial and SBI. Experts believe that during these intra-day, these stocks can get a good return. You can earn from trading based on the strategy given below.

Free Intraday Tips
Free Intraday Tips

Stop loss - 2375 
target - 2425, 2438 and 2455-60

Tata Alexey
Stop Loss - 1160 
Target - 1188, 1195 and 1210

Stop loss- 247.50 
target- 252, 253.50 and 255/256

Ashok Leyland
Stop Loss - 158 
Target - 174

DCB Bank
Stop Loss - 188 
Target - 215

Ujjivan Financial
Stop Loss - 385 
Target - 435

Stop loss- 395 
target- 415-425

We provide intraday trading recommendations to capture the movement in  share market, our research is based on thorough analysis of fundamental as well as technical factors driving the market. We provide our client important updates on commodities and also the trading tips for ncdex segment.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Can trade in these stocks today, get good returns | Free Intraday Tips

Can trade in these stocks today, get good returns

For Monday's turnover, market experts have advised buying in Federal Bank, MindTree, Kotak Mahindra Bank, GRANULES, Adani Ports and Reliance Infra. At the same time, Vedanta has advised to sell. Experts believe that during these intra-day, these stocks can get a good return. You can earn from trading based on the strategy given below.

Free Intraday Tips
Free Intraday Tips

Federal Bank (Buy)
Stop loss-97 

Vedanta (Sell)
Stop Loss - 288 
Target - 272-267

Stop loss - 95 
target – 110

Adani Ports  (Buy)
Stop Loss - 399 
Target - 415-420

Reliance Infra  (Buy)
Stop Loss - 400 
Target - 450-460

MindTree  (Buy)
Stop loss- 995 
target- 1025, 1032 and 1040

Kotak Mahindra Bank  (Buy)
Stop loss-1220 
target-1240, 1248 and 1254-58

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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Free Stock Tips | PC Jeweler's Stock Puts Up 44%, the news of the arrest of the owner is false

PC Jeweler's Stock Puts Up 44%, the news of the arrest of the owner is false

On Friday, a company made an investment of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.44 lakh. Such a return was given by such stocks which was going through difficulties till two days ago. We are talking about the PC Jeweler's stock here, which had been down for 8 consecutive days by Wednesday. Good bidding was also benefited after the company's stock got false news of the arrest of the owner. Earlier, on Thursday, the stock was up 10 per cent.

Best Stock Advisory
Best Stock Advisory
2,000 crores increase Market Cap

PC Jeweler is the fastest growing stock on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), which climbed nearly 44 percent to close at Rs 174.55. Talking of intra-day, the stock touched 48.41 per cent and touched a high of Rs 180.25 per day. Compared to Rs. 121.45 a day before the closing price of the stock, the stock is open at Rs. 127 on BSE. With this, the market cap of the company increased by about Rs 2 thousand crore in one day.

The recovery of 84 percent of the Recovery

PC Jeweler's stock , seen in 2 days, was also noticeable. On the BSE, where the company's 1.75 crore shares were trading, the NSE recorded trading in 18 million shares.
The stock had touched 52-week low levels of 52.05 on BSE on Thursday, compared to 84 percent of the stock in stock.
In the stock of PC Jewelers, the decline of nearly 63 per cent during the 8th consecutive session before Thursday, thereby decreasing its market valuation by Rs 7,364.46 crore. 

Owner's arrest was reported News

One day ago The news of the PC Jeweler's arrest was reported, after which the statement issued immediately after the company's news was rejected. From this news on Thursday, the company's stock was witnessed a big boost. The effect continued even today, the stock rose 46% to Rs 180. The stock closed at Rs 121.45 on Thursday.

BSE had sought clarification

on the closing of the 10 per cent increase on Thursday that the BSE had asked for clarification from the company. In response, the company had said, "The company delivers the discretion of all avents, information, etc. on time, whose effect falls on the operation and performance of the company. It also includes Price Sensitive Information. We want to make it clear that at present the company does not have any information about which it needs to be disconnected. " 
The company said in its filing, "We want to rely on investors, shareholders and other stakeholders that there is nothing wrong with the company and its operation. The fundamentals of the company remain strong and will continue to grow on the path of growth.
At the same time, Managed Fund reduced its holding to half of this week in PC Jeweler by Fidelity International. Fidelity Subsidiaries reduced their holding to 3.51 per cent by selling the company's 3.53 per cent stake on Monday. By 20th April, Fidelity Fund had 9.58% stake in the company.

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Buy these 10 value picks on dips for returns up to 20% in 1 year | Share Market Tips

Buy these 10 value picks on dips for returns up to 20% in 1 year

Some experts feel that the upcoming Karnataka elections will also play a crucial role in charting the market’s direction at least in the near-term. The recommend using any election-induced dips to buy quality stocks.

Kshitij Anand
The Sensex barely managed to climb above 35,000 last week. American investment bank Bank of America-Merrill Lynch (BofA-ML) says the index could well come under selling pressure and head towards 32,000 levels by December, a decline of over eight percent from its Thursday’s close.
“The target for the benchmark index does look scary especially when we are sitting comfortably above 35,000, but the deteriorating macro story could flip the market in the opposite direction.”
After a bout of selling induced by Budget 2018-19 proposals, the market rallied almost 5 percent in April and closed at 35,103 on Thursday.

Best Stock Advisory
Best stock advisory

The global investment bank is of the view that macro will dominate in the near-term and sees downside risks to Indian equities. "Although the country's micro-economics are improving, macros are deteriorating. Higher oil prices will hurt deficits and political uncertainty will increase going into elections," it stated.
India has underperformed emerging markets by four percent year-to-date as macro concerns accumulate. “The upcoming election calendar will also cap upsides.”
Some experts feel that the upcoming Karnataka elections will also play a crucial role in charting the market’s direction at least in the near-term. The recommend using any election-induced dips to buy quality stocks.
Political heat is all set to rise ahead of Karnataka election as it will set the tone for a series of state elections (Rajasthan, MP, and Chhattisgarh )running up to the 2019 general elections. “These elections will continue to keep market participants on their toes. The BJP is set to make inroads into Karnataka, so any result against market expectation could see a sell-off. Hence investors should adopt a wait-and-watch policy,” DK Aggarwal, Chairman, and MD, SMC Investments & Advisors said.
Earlier this week, IL&FS' Vibhav Kapoor said the Nifty could touch 13,000 levels if the Bharatiya Janata Party manages to win the 2019 general elections. But if the election results don’t go as desired, then the 50-share index could fall to 9,000 levels, he told CNBC-TV18 in an interview.
We have collated a list of 10 value stocks that can offer up to 20% return in the next one year.

TCS: Buy| Target: Rs 3,900| Return 12%
TCS is a leading IT company and will benefit from weakening rupee and improving future outlook for the IT sector. TCS is cautiously optimistic regarding the outlook for FY19, with its key vertical of BFSI and Hi-Tech expected to make a strong recovery.
We expect TCS to grow its revenues at a CAGR of 9 percent and 10.5 percent in USD and INR terms respectively over FY17-19E. The stock is a buy with a target of Rs 3,900 based on PE of 20x FY20E.

HCL Technologies: Buy| Target: Rs 1,200| Return 29%
HCL Tech is India's fifth largest IT services company, with over 1,00,000 employees catering to more than 450 clients. The company has witnessed a strong traction for its digital services driven by Mode 2 and Mode 3 services coupled with a large number of IP partnership.
Going ahead, we expect the ER&D space to continue to witness a double-digit growth led by a major contribution from Geometric and Butler America. We recommend to buy the stock with a price target of Rs 1,200 based on PE of 18x FY20E.

Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd: Buy| Target: Rs 475| Return 12%
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd is a microfinance company focused on providing finance to the unbanked rural population. It has emerged stronger after demonetisation which caused transient depression in the sector. We recommend to buy with a target price of Rs 475 based on 2.5x FY20E ABV.

Escorts: Buy| Target: Rs 1,150| Return 19%
Escorts Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tractors and will benefit from rising farm incomes. In FY17 tractor volumes grew by 24 percent and EBITDA margin expanded by 280 bps which led to almost doubling of net profit to Rs 160 crore.
We expect Escorts to continue delivering a robust performance, with 40 percent PAT CAGR over FY17-19E, mainly driven by revenue CAGR of 13 percent and EBITDA margin expansion of 300 bps. We recommend to buy with a price objective of Rs 1,150 based on PE ratio of 16x FY20E.

Godrej Agrovet: Buy| Target: Rs 800| Return 13%
Godrej Agrovet Ltd is a leading animal feed company in India. The large portion of this market is unorganized and hence presents a huge opportunity.
We expect company revenues to grow by 10 percent CAGR from Rs 4,911 crore currently to Rs 6536 crore by FY20E. We expect the company to post a net profit of Rs 450 crore in FY20E. The stock is a buy with a price target of Rs 800.
Analyst: D K Aggarwal, Chairman, and MD, SMC Investments and Advisors

Suprajit Engineering: Buy| Target: Rs 319| Return 15%
The company is the most preferred manufacturer of cables and meets the demand of virtually every major OEM in the automotive sector. It would more focus on cables in the export market for better positioning.
Steady demand from specific OEMs and the shoring up of control-cable growth in the auto and non-auto markets, exports and replacements would guide the further growth to the company.
According to the management, its profitability would improve in coming years as its capacity expansion and integration with the acquired companies is almost done.
Thus we expect the stock to see a price target of Rs 319 in the next 8 to 10 months timeframe on an expected P/E of 28x and FY19 (E) earnings of Rs 11.40.

Ambuja Cement Limited: Buy| Target: Rs 290| Return 20%
The company has a strong balance sheet and consistently reporting steady performance on quarter on quarter due to healthy sales.
The company expects with the government's continued focus towards infrastructure development, affordable housing, smart cities, concrete roads, and highways, coupled with remonetization and the structural reforms pursued by the Union Government in the form of GST, it is expected that the economy would return to a high growth trajectory.
With its continued operational excellence programs, combined with segmented marketing and value-added special cement products and building solutions, Ambuja Cement is well placed to benefit from economic growth trajectory.
Thus, it is expected that the stock will see a price target of Rs 290 in 8 to 10 months timeframe on current P/E of 24.99x and FY19 EPS of Rs 11.61.

Container Corporation of India Limited: Buy| Target: Rs 1,602| Return 18%
The Company is well poised to tap the new business opportunities arising from potential growth in EXIM container volumes.
In-depth knowledge of multi-modal logistics business, availability of a fairly large fleet of rolling stock, specialized container handling equipment, customized owned/leased containers and fully computerized commercial operations with internet-based customer and customs interface provide it a strong competitive advantage in availing opportunities for further growth.
Moreover, management of the company expects an increase in container traffic due to development of dedicated freight corridors. Thus, it is expected that the stock will see a price target of Rs 1,602 in 8 to 10 months timeframe on a target P/E of 34x and FY19 (E) EPS of Rs 47.11.

Muthoot Finance Limited: Buy| Target: Rs 513| Return 15%
The company is witnessing healthy financial growth across all business segments and maintaining the loan growth steady.
According to the management, on the gold loan front, it has grown by about 5 percent in the last 9 months and in coming quarters it would reach about 11-12 percent.
Thus, it is expected that the stock will see a price target of Rs 513 in 8 to 10 months timeframe on a current P/Bv of 2.23x and FY19 BVPS of Rs 230.20.

Mahindra Holidays Resorts India Limited: Buy| Target: Rs 356| Return 11%
The company has a healthy balance sheet and having an inventory of over 3,000 rooms with near zero debt at the parent level. The Indian travel and tourism industry is worth USD 116 billion and is estimated to grow at 7.5 percent annually to USD 250 billion by 2025.
Around 83 percent of spending is in domestic tourism and management expects good business transition in coming years. Thus, it is expected that the stock will see a price target of Rs 356 in 8 to 10 months timeframe on a current P/E of 26.79x and FY19 EPS of Rs 13.30.

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