Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stock Market Live: Sensex up 50 points, Nifty flat, rupee slips to 18-month low

Despite the weakness in the Asian markets, the stock market started on Wednesday with a rise. The Sensex opened at a level of 35544, with 54 points stronger. At the same time, the Nifty started at the 10,785 level with a jump of 16 points. In the initial business, the market pressure is getting noticed. Heavyweight Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, SBI, Maruti and ICICI Bank are showing weakness. However, TCS, Infosys, HDFC and HDFC are seeing a buy in the bank.

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Free Stock Tips

Midcap, smallcap index flat
Mid-cap and smallcap indices are seeing flat business. BSE's mid-cap index is trading 0.09 percent with a decline. The Nifty Midcap 100 Index has gained 0.04 percent. BSE's Smallcap Index fell 0.01 percent.

All index excluding IT, Pharma and Realty in red marks
Talking about the sectoral index, all indexes except IT, Pharma and Realty on the NSE remained in the red mark. Nifty IT index is 1.35 per cent, Pharma index is 0.28 per cent and Realty Index is 0.20 per cent stronger. The highest 1.05 percent decline was recorded in the PSU bank index. In addition, Nifty was down 0.18%, Auto 0.08%, FMCG index by 0.43% and Metal index 0.53%.

19 rupee open with weakness of money
Wednesday's rupee has weak beginning. The rupee fell by 19 paise to 68.43 against the dollar. On Tuesday, the rupee was down 13 paise to close at 68.25 against the dollar. The beginning of rupee also got flat. The rupee was open at a level of 68.13 with a weak rupee of 1 paise. At the same time, the rupee had seen a huge decline in rupee against the dollar and rupee had dropped 29 paise to close at 68.12 level.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

PSU Stocks can be 53% Cheaper in This Year, Can Give up To 81% Returns | Free Stock Tips

PSU Stocks can be 53% Cheaper in This Year, Can Give up To 81% Returns

In the business of Monday, the BSE PSU index crossed its 18-month low level. The BSE PSU Index was at the 9159 level on January 1, closed at 7479 level on Monday. That is, the index has fallen more than 18% this year so far. During this period, shares of PSU companies are falling more than 53%. Many of these stocks are such that their fundamentals are strong and they are declining due to some issue. Experts believe that issues such as solvies will further accelerate in such select stocks. Brokerage House has also advised to invest in select stocks. 

Talking about the decline in stocks by 53 per cent this year, the PSU stocks have seen a decline of 53 per cent since January 1. While Punjab National Bank is down 53%, NBCC, Jammu & Kashmir Bank, GAIL, Bank of Baroda, BPCL, HPCL, Power Grid, NTPC, General Insurance, NMTC, Coal India, Elahaba Bank, Syndicate Bank, Nalco, Shares of Canara Bank, BHEL, IOB and ITDC are falling by 42 per cent. 

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Free Stock Tips

What stocks invest in 

NBCC is a government company working in NBCC Real Estate Development and Construction Business. The company also provides project management consultancy. The company has 10 regional or zonal offices across the country. The company's projects are in 23 states. The company takes the project in other countries also. The Government's Affordable Housing Scheme is a big opportunity for the company. Brokerage house ICICI Direct has set a target of Rs. 115 for the stock. For the current price of Rs 81, 42% returns in the stock. 

Container Corporation of India
operates under Container Corporation of India Rail Ministry. The company's core business cargo carrier, terminal operator, ware house operator and MMLP are in operation. In the fourth quarter, the company's revenues rose 12 per cent to Rs 1,559 crore annually. Domestic revenues have increased by 16 percent. Further, the company will have the advantage of increasing demand in the logistics sector. Brokerage house ICICI Direct has given a target of Rs. 1560 for the stock. For the current price of Rs 1241, the stock can get 26% return.

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. 
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd is a miniaturally-owned company which falls under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. ONGC is the parent company of the company. The company has been supplying fuel to Mauritius for a long time. The company's fourth quarter results have been predictable. Revenue of the company increased by 7.7% to Rs. 18753 crores on quarterly basis. Brokerage house ICICI Direct has set a target of Rs 130 for the stock. For current rate of 90 rupees, you can get 44 percent returns. 

J & K Bank
Jammu & Kashmir Bank's market share in its home state is around 50 per cent. Both the deposits and credits are doing better in Jammu and Kashmir on the front. Improve the asset quality of the bank. Credit growth is better and loan book has a growth of 10 percent on an annual basis. The bank's performance in retail, SME sector has been better. Brokerage house Prabhudas Liladhar has set a target of 100 rupees for the stock. In the current price of 55 rupees, the returns in the stock can get around 81 percent. 

NTPC Limited is a public sector company which is engaged in Electricity Generation and Allied Activities Equities. The company's balance sheet is better and there is no shortage of cash. Nearly 16 per cent of the company's total capacity in thermal power is in the capacities. For the last 5 years, the company has been giving dividend yields on an average of 2.5 per cent. Brokerage house JM Financial has given a target of Rs. 220 in the stock. For the current price of Rs 155, the stock can get 41% returns. 

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Today's special stock: PNB housing up to 14% faster, impact of news of HDFC and Kotak Bank being in the control steak race

PNB Housing Finance shares are trading well on Monday's turnover. During the business, the company's share rose by 14 per cent to Rs 1,244 per share. In fact, news has come for HDFC and Kotak Mahindra Bank in the race to get a controlling stake in PNB housing finance. After which the stock got bullish. At present, the stock is up 12 per cent and is priced at Rs 1199. 

 According to  media reports, both HDFC and Kotak Mahindra Bank want to get big coverage in such mortgage market, which is considered to be extremely safe in the lending business. In this case both are in the race to take a controlling stake in PNB Housing Finance. 

It is also being reported that HDFC and Kotak Mahindra Bank had last week met with the management of PNB Housing Finance. There was talk of buying 33 per cent stake in PE fund Carlisle and 33 per cent from PNB. Explain that Promoters PNB and Carlyle have about 66 per cent stake in PNB Housing Finance. 

The stock of such a stock
was closed on Friday at a price of Rs 1071 on PNB Housing Finance shares. At the same time, on Monday, the company's shares opened at a price of Rs 1114. During the business, the stock rose by up to 14 per cent and the shares reached a price of Rs 1,244. In today's business, the stock is trading at Rs 1105. Talking till Friday, the stock fell 14 percent in the last one month and 28 percent in one year. 

Learn about the company
PNB Housing is a Leading Home Loan Company of Finance India, which gives a loan on a fixed and flexible rate of interest. PNB Housing Finance is a company promoted by PNB. The company also has a license for public deposits. The company's Presence is in the whole country including cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Indore. It has 84 branches and 36 outreach offices across the country.

The company is in profits and in the fourth quarter, the company's profits rose 44 percent to Rs 219 crore. The company also announced dividend of 10 rupees per share. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Infosys @ 25: 25 years in stock market, investor gets 10 thousand, 6.4 crore | Free Stock Tips

Infosys @ 25: 25 years in stock market, investor gets 10 thousand, 6.4 crore

On June 14, 2018, the country's second major IT company Infosys Ltd has completed 25 years in the stock market.

On June 14, 2018, the country's second leading IT company Infosys Ltd has completed 25 years in the stock market. In the last 25 years, Infosys has turn into one of the country's best blue-chip companies. Stocks in stocks, revenues growth and other financial range have come true. This company is the second large giant of IT Sector after TCS. In 25 years, Infosys has mauled its shareholders. So far the record has given the company 640 times the returns.

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Free Stock Tips

The company's IPO came in 1993
Infosys came out with an IPO for the first time in 1993 and on 14 June 1993 it was the first IT company to be listed on the stock market exchange. When Infosys came out with an IPO, its concern price was Rs 95, but it was listed on the stock exchange for Rs 145 on the day of listing in the stock exchange. It means that it has given profits of upto 52% to its shareholders at the time of listing. After this a lot of times the company gave bonus shares to its investors. Infosys became the first Indian company to be listed on Nasdaq in 1999.

In 1993, if the people who purchased 100 shares of the company would not be sold, then till June 12, their shares would have become worth 6 crores. During the last 25 years, the company has also given bonuses to its shareholders many times. Who has done the job of enhancing their earnings.

Market cap more than Rs 2.50 lakh crores
After TCS, Infosys is the second largest IT company in the country. In terms of market cap, Infosys is one of the top 10 companies in the country. After the close of trading on Thursday, the company's market cap on BSE was 2.70 lakh crore rupees.

When did the company start?
Infosys Company started in the year 1981. NR Narayana Murthy started Infosys in Pune with his 6 friends. At that time, the company had started this company with just $ 250, but today the company has touched a lot.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Free Stock Tips | Market Consumption set to pick up in FY19, bet on these 5 stocks for good returns

Market Consumption set to pick up in FY19, bet on these 5 stocks for good returns

During the quarter ending March 2018, the results of the companies based on Consumption Based Goods have been good. It is also expected to accelerate in the current financial year. Many brokerage houses are positive about the concept theme in FY19 also. Increasing focus on rural consensus is likely to accelerate this sector. Market experts say that there are elections in some states this year, while there are general elections in 2019. In such a situation, the government's focus will be on the rural sector. This may lead to good returns in Consolidated themed stocks in the coming days.

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Free Stock Tips

Rural demand is rising faster than Urban
According to the report of Motilal Securities, in the financial year 2019, the demand for composition will be faster. According to the Brokerage House, the results of these companies on an annual basis have been impressive. Therefore, this sector's Outlook Outlook is also positive in 2019. In the last three quarters, rural growth is more than urban growth and this trends will also be seen in 2019. The advantage will be to those companies, whose focus is on the rural. In 2019, there will be further recovery in the normal growth of the estimates of normal monsoon, lack of discordant events (like notebooks or GSTs), minor minimum support prices of kharif crops, new product launches and distributions expansion, in rural growth.

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Consumption Based Stocks
Amit Harachkar, director of Index Genius Investment Advisors, says that the consignment is the right choice for unsold stock investments. He said that some of the fundamentals of stocks are good, their earnings have been good. At the same time, the monsoon and the government are giving boost to this sector by strengthening the rural economy. This can get good returns in the composition based shares. 

Jagdish Thakkar, director of Fortune Fiscal, said that in the coming months elections will be held in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, after which the general elections are held in 2019. In such a situation, the government's focus will be on the rural sector. The government can bring some welfare programs to take advantage of the rural area, measures can be taken to increase the income of the farmers. Some announcements can be made for farmers' loan forgiveness. In such a situation, the Consumption Sector can get good benefits. 

Sahara will get good monsoon
The monsoon department has estimated this year's normal monsoon in the country. Market Expert According to Sachin Sarvade, due to good monsoon, the yield will increase, which will increase the income of farmers. Non-agriculture employment opportunities will also increase. Consumption based companies will get the benefit of increasing the disposable income of the villagers.

What stocks invest in
Emami is a FMCG company, which is in antiseptic cream, fairness cream, talc powder, pen reliever and cooling oil business. Many of the company's products are popular in urban and rural areas. The company's growth has been better in the last 5 financials. The company has more than 7.4 lakh retail outlets. The company's domestic business is strong. Most domestic sales are on cash basis. Brokerage house, Cholamandalam Securities has set a target of Rs 1341 for the stock. Thus, the current price can get returns of up to 22% in the stock.

Harachkar has advised to invest in FMCG Sector's big company ITC with a target of 300 rupees. They say that there is no rally in the ITC compared to other companies in the FMCG sector. Apart from cigarettes, the company has increased its business in Biscuit, Flour, Noodles and Personal Care and Lifestyle section. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, ITC's profits increased 10 percent. During this period, the company has made profits of Rs.2933 crores. Current price can get returns of 12% in the stock.

#havells india
Havells India Limited is a fast moving electrical goods company. The company has better product categories in home and kitchen appliances. The company manufactures fan, LED light, domestic cable, modular switch, wiring product, room heater, press, capacitor, induction motor. Apart from this, the company's AC is also in the market. There is also a presence in the global market with the company's domestic market. Broking firm, Cholamandalam Securities has set a target of Rs 680 for the stock. With current price, it can get a return of 22 per cent.

# Britannia
Market expert Sachin Sarvade has advised to invest in FMCG sector company Britannia Industries. According to them, Britannia's performances have been consistently good. The company is expanding in distribution, increasing investment in R & D. In addition to biscuits, the company is going to launch new products in the financial year 2019. The company will also get the benefit of this. Sachin has advised to invest in the stock with a target of 6600 rupees. With a current price, it can get 10 per cent return.

Marico Limited is one of the Leading Consumer Product Companies in the country. The Company is in Beauty & Wellness Product Business. The company has business in nearly 25 countries. The company has a popular product in Hair Care, Skin Care, Edible Oil, Health Foods, Mel Grooming and Fabric Care. Good growth in the company's domestic business. Brokerage house HDFC Securities has given a target of Rs 376 for the share. Thus, the current price can get returns of up to 12% in the stock.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Share Market Tips | Share Market News: BSE and Abix plan to launch insurance Platform by year end

BSE and Abix plan to launch insurance Platform by year end

Leading exchanges of the country will now be able to buy an insurance policy in addition to the stocks at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Leading exchanges of the country will now be able to buy an insurance policy in addition to the stocks at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). BSE and America's Abix have made a joint venture. Under this, both the companies will launch a new insurance platform. On which insurance policy can also be bought. According to a senior BSE official, the IRDAI is awaiting approval for the Insurance Distribution Exchange platform.

Share Market Tips
Share Market Tips

Insurance policy will be available online

Agents, Stock Brokers, Financial Institution Policy. Stock Brokers will have to obtain an insurance broking license from IRDAI. Life, Health and other insurance policies will be available online. Claim settlement facility will also be online.

Insurance will be single platform

Ashish Chauhan, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), said that we have signed an exchange model for the distribution of insurance with Abix. Hopefully it will be launched by December. Its products will be similar to the BSE-Star MF. Just like buying and redeeming mutual funds on a single platform of BSE-Star MF. Joint Venture's Ghoshama was held in October last year, operating from the BSE-Ebix Insurance Broking brand.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

These 4 NBFC Stocks may give 36percent return in one hour | Free Stock Tips

These 4 NBFC Stocks may give  36percent return in one hour | Free Stock Tips

Financial year 2017-18 was good for non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). Meanwhile, NBFC's retail credit growth is 17-19 per cent. According to the rating agency Ikra, the pace of growth will continue in this sector in the current financial year. Experts say that in addition to credit growth, NBFC sector is in good position compared to banks in terms of NPA. In this case, outlook is better for NBFC sector. NBFC Stocks can get good returns in the next one year.

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Free Stock Tips

According to the report of Motilal Oswal, Financial year 2018 for NBFC is good. After the weakness in the ban on bondage, this sector has rebounded. It has got good growth in all its segments. Although the asset quality of housing finance companies is stable, while the sales of financial finance companies have improved. According to Crisil's report, in the next two years, 20 per cent of the total loan amount of NBFC will go to this sector, which has been increased from 8 per cent to 19 per cent in the last 5 years.

Outlook is better than these reasons
Sandeep Jain, Director of Trade Swift Broking, said that the NBFC sector's outlook is very good. Credit growth in the vehicle segment will be good as sales of all segments including utility vehicles, cars and vans have been strong. But due to increasing interest rates, there may be a slight pressure in the housing segment. This can affect the margins of companies. 

At the same time, according to Market Expert Sachin Sarvade, the business model of NBFC is such that it focuses more on smaller customers. Being less than their average ticket size, the defaults of the default are low. The loan also passes in less time. In this case, NBFC's credit growth is better. 

What stocks invest in
#shriram transport finance
Non-banking finance company Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC) offers many financial products such as Commercial Vehicle Finance and Tire Loans. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, the company's net profit fell by 3.4 percent. Recently, the STFC has tied up with the Government Petroleum Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) to buy customers for petrol and diesel at the credit ie loan. According to the figures released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam), sales of passenger vehicles for the second consecutive time have increased 20 percent in May due to strong sales of all segments including utility vehicles, cars and vans. Increasing demand in the auto sector will also benefit the company. Brokerage house Edelweiss has given the target of Rs. 1985 in STFC. Current price can get returns up to 36% in stock.

#Mootut Finance
Gold Financing Company Muthoot Finance has targeted to increase the gold loan business by 15% in the next financial year. The company will be in the new market for this and will work to simplify the loan structure for the customers. Muthoot Finance has 4303 branches across the country. From the next financial year, the company will add 150 to 200 branches every year, expanding its business. In the fourth quarter, the company's net profits increased 40.3 percent to Rs 451.39 crore. The gross NPA of Muthoot Finance has increased from 5.62% to 6.98% in the fourth quarter on a yearly basis. Sandeep Jain has given the target of Rs. 440 in the stock. Current price can get returns of 20% in stock.

DHFL is a housing finance company. The company's business is better in the Affordable Housing. The company is also doing better in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, the company's profit has increased 30 percent. There is hope for good growth in the housing sector. In such a situation, management is expecting 30% growth in the next two quarters. Sachin Sarvade has set a target of Rs 680 for the stock. The current price is Rs 615, i.e. the share is expected to return 10 per cent. 

#Mahindra and Mahindra Finance
Sales of light commercial vehicles and tractors sales have been increasing due to the possibility of better monsoon across the country, increasing rural demand and improving micro economy. According to Siam, sales of tractors have registered 10 percent growth. Tractor sales of M & M have grown 19 per cent in April 2018. Increase in Infra-Activity Increased Growth The company's collection is improved, while the help of OEM and dealership has helped increase market share. Brokerage house Prabhudas Leeladhar has a target of Rs 553 in the stock. Current price can get returns up to 14% in stock. 

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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Share Market Tips | Investors should wait for fair valuation in Midcaps

Investors should wait for fair valuation in Midcaps

Stock exchanges BSE has put 109 companies in the list of the Additional Surveillance Megeers. At the same time, according to the media report, market regulator SEBI has also increased surveillance on 109 companies. Such mid-dip companies have been afraid of betting. Since the move of SEBI, the mid-cap index has fallen nearly 200 points on Tuesday. Market experts say that SEBI's decision is correct, but it has been taken at the wrong time. There is already fear of a decline in the mid-term index index that is under pressure. At the moment, investors should wait for the validity of the good mid-cap stocks to fall. 

Free Stock Tips
Free Stock Tips

How will people in companies trading  
as Fortune fiscal director Jagdish Thakkar said the new rules issued by the market regulator Sebi, so investors will money as margin for trading in the stock of these 109 companies, as well as the value of the transaction Can buy-sale Earlier investors were allowed to buy and sell margin money up to 10 times more. For example, according to the new rules, if you deposit Rs one lakh margin money for stock trading now be able to purchase 50 thousand rupees and sales of 50 thousand rupees. Earlier it was 10 times the limit margin money. That is, you could buy and sell shares of Rs 5 lakh each by giving only Rs 1 lakh. 

They say that due to the old rules, betting was increasing in the market. Whose mindsets became stock multibaggers of many small companies. This has made a big risk especially in the midcaps and smalllaps. The price of many shares was increasing due to constant purchases in the mid-caps segment. The value of the valuation of the stock was not coming from its performance, which made it a bigger risk. 

When deciding on the wrong
trade swift research head Sandeep Jain, the decision of the regulator is right in terms of the investor's interest in the long term, but the time taken in it was chosen incorrectly. Regulators should have taken this decision when the shares were running fast in this segment. After the alltime high in the mid-cap on January 9, the index has been corrected up to 15%. There has been a good fall in many good stocks. At such a time, this decision will slow down in the mid-caps and small-caps. 

After the 47% rise  in the index, in the year
2017, the valuation of the mid-cap stocks had been high. On January 9 this year, BSE reached the level of the Midcap Index 18321 which is the All Time High. At the same time, the index was at 12448 level on January 10, 2017. That is, 47 percent of the index rose in a year. Meanwhile, many mid-cap stocks became expensive. But according to experts, most of these companies are not able to do justice with their valuation and look expensive. Because of which they are under pressure. For the same reason, the sale of mid-caps has also increased due to the recent past. 

Apart from this, the impact  of high prices of crude, growth in US bond yield, weakness in rupee and political uncertainty have led to weakening of market sentiment. The effect is also seen on mid-cap stocks. Domestic investors have been buyers for the past several months, but surveillance can increase them by selling. If this happens, there will be a lot of impact on mid-caps and small-caps.

What do the investors
of the investor market say that SEBI is better for investors and does not have much to worry about in good fundamentals. Investors should wait now in the mid-cap. Many stocks are still on high valuation. After such fall, the fair value should be waited for. If good fundamental stocks come to Fair Value, then they will get a chance to buy it again. 

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Nifty market may touch new High in FY18, 5 Sectors can surpass in second Half | Share Market Tips

Nifty market may touch new High in FY18, 5 Sectors can surpass in second Half 

The market has been in the mood of ups and down for the past few months. But in the second half of the financial year 2018, it can cross the previous year and make a new record. According to corporate earnings expectations, the market is expected to be strengthened due to better GDP numbers, growth signals in the economy, better monsoon. Experts say that demand will increase in the coming days, which will make the companies look better. However, political uncertainty will be an issue during this period. If the BJP's performance is weak in the coming elections, the market can come in a circle. At the moment, during the next one year, investors can get good returns in auto, construction, pharma, IT and agri stocks. 

Free Stock Tips
Free Stock Tips

Nadeem Mustafa, CEO,
Nadeem Mustafa of Epic Research   Epic Research says that for some days the market will be in the range bound in the range of 5 to 7 percent. But due to the demand increase in the second half of the financial year, it will accelerate. They say that corporate earnings are better. In the fourth quarter, GDP growth is 7.7 percent good, so that the market will react positively in mid-term from the short term.

Speaking of GDP growth, a base has grown at 7%, which is an indication of the economy coming back on track. On the other hand, if the monsoon was better, the market would get good support. Although inflation is a concern, but increasing the overall demand will boost the market well. On the positive market sentiment, the Nifty can cross the old high and make new high. 

What to Do Investor:  Nadeem Mustafa says that there can be better returns in the midcaps and shortlaps in construction, automobile and IT sector. Can be invested in NCC, Ashok Leyland, KPIT and Tata Alexey. 

Jima Modi, CEO and Founder, Jamik Modi,
founder and CEO of Samco Securities  Samco Securities, says that PSU banks have disappointed, but overall corporate earnings have been okay. General companies have seen good growth since the last quarter. He says that if you talk about the coming days, then the Nifty can cross 11000 level. In the financial year 2018, Nifty is trading in the range from 10000 to 11100. But by the time the Extreme Global Bullet Envirement was created, it could cross the first ever. 

Although he said elections in the coming days as a consensus. According to Jitendra Modi, the center is important for both growth and growth for government companies and investors. In such a scenario, the markets will be seen in elections in the coming days. Reaction can be seen in the market on the basis of the result. 

What to do: Investor:  Jima Modi says that investors can now create Low Risk Investment Strategy in PSU Bank, in addition to Housing Finance Sector, Cement Sector, Pharma. 

Nita Shankar, Senior Vice President and Research Head, Yes Securities
Elections coming to the market this year will be affected. Expect to stay in the market range bound this whole year. At the same time, in the last months of the year, when the elections will come near, marketability can increase volatility again in the market for the investors. Although there is no fear of a big fall.

What to Do Investor: According to Nita Shankar, there is no need to panic with short term volatility. Investors should invest in good fundamentals in agri, auto, composition, housing and infra sector. Apart from Focker Agri and Infra sector of the government, there is on Affordable Housing. Which can benefit companies in these sectors. On the other hand, further demand may get good returns in the consolidated based stock.

Prakash Gadgani, CEO,
According to Prakash Gadgani, this year the market range is showing bound, which can be seen fluctuating in between. There will be more general elections in 3 states in the coming days. Markit's eyes are on these elections. If there is a ruling party at the center in the states where elections are to be held, then there will be an increase in the market. But on the opposite result, volatility will increase.

What to do: Investors: Although the innovators can get better returns in the selected loan cover. Coal India, PowerGrid, BPCL and Thurmax have advised investment.

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